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Building green is one of the most effective ways to ensure a sustainable and healthy future. If you are committed to the idea of building green homes, offices, and communities, you need to connect with other innovators and visionaries in the green building movement. That's why so many leaders in the field advocate joining the Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC) which is the largest and longest serving green building organization in the country. If you're looking to demonstrate your commitment to a green future to your clients, partners, employees, and the entire industry, becoming a member of a renowned green building organization is essential. Joining this respected organization will align you and your company with others working to make every building greener.


Membership in the Canada Green Building Council


The benefits of membership in the CaGBC are numerous. The organization aims to lead and accelerate the transformation to green buildings and communities in Canada, and works to:

  • Change industry standards;
  • Develop best design practices and guidelines;
  • Advocate for green buildings; and
  • Develop educational tools to support its members in implementing sustainable design and construction practices.


The CaGBC's corporate membership is diverse, ranging from architects, engineers and design firms to manufacturers, associations, developers,builders, property owners and government from across Canada. Individual memberships are also available to anyone who is passionate about green building via one of the Council's eight regional chapters.


There are three options for membership with the CaGBC:


  1. Green Building Advocates (Companies or Organizations); companies and organizations that actively support the green building industry and want to demonstrate their commitment through CaGBC membership. Usually, Advocates do not require access to LEED® benefits and are not building owners.
  2. Green Building Specialists (Companies or Organizations); companies and organizations that benefit from the LEED® green building rating system for their sustainability projects and help maintain the continuous improvement of this system through their CaGBC membership.
  3. Chapter Members (Individuals or employees of Advocate or Specialist member companies).  individuals, not companies, who would like to be involved in the green building community at the local level. Every single employee of a Specialist or Advocate member company can connect with their local Chapter for free. This great new benefit means that connecting with and learning from Canada’s largest network of green building industry professionals is easier than ever.

CaGBC is the green building industry’s leading advocacy group


Advocacy efforts with policy makers, businesses and government have been instrumental in securing the adoption of green building in Canada since 2002. In addition to research reports and identification of industry trends and opportunities, the CaGBC continues to pursue its larger mandate of accelerating the transformation of Canada’s built environment. Key components of 2016’s advocacy strategy include:

  • Green Building Policy
  • Health and Well Being in the Built Environment
  • Energy Benchmarking, Reporting and Disclosure
  • Neighbourhood-scale Regeneration 

 Go Green!

Joining a professional organization such as the Canada Green Building Council will help you to expand your network and enhance your credibility. It will save you money by ensuring you save on course registrations, and LEED Canada project registrations and certifications. Membership also helps you stay up-to-date on green building news and connect with national and regional green building experts.

The CaGBC has three membership options to suit your needs:


Green Building Specialist Membership Specialist members are companies, organizations and associations that join the CaGBC to reach their corporate sustainability goals. These members benefit from access to LEED resources and discounts for their sustainability projects, and can contribute to the development of the LEED rating system through their membership.


Green Building Advocate Membership Advocate members are also companies, organizations and associations who leverage their membership with the CaGBC to reach their corporate sustainability goals. These members benefit from tools that demonstrate their support for the green building industry and commitment to a healthy environment. Advocate members are companies who do not require access to LEED resources and benefits.


Local Chapter Membership Individuals, not companies, join their local Chapter to be involved in green building from the grass roots. They support green building through volunteering and participation in local green building activities, and events. They utilize the many resources available to them to grow their industry network and stay up to date with the latest green building innovations.  


*Emerging Green Builder (EGB): If you are a full time student, a new professional under the age of 30, or within 5 years of graduating, this membership is for you. The EGB program is run through the local Chapters and has a lower annual fee. EGBs benefit from discounts on green building education, developing their professional network in the green building industry and from participating in events and volunteer opportunities.  


You can’t miss out on this – if you are an employee of a national member company (Advocate or Specialist) you get one FREE Chapter membership! There really is no better or easier way to connect with the country’s largest and most diverse group of green building industry professionals.

Check out the Canada Green Building Council website today at www.cagbc.org/membership and discover how you can add your voice to the growing green building movement.

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